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The Future of Investing

When we say “Seamless account opening” we mean it. Starting today, you can open up your Thndr account and start investing within 24 hours. 

Our mission is to make investing accessible to everyone. After receiving our license in August 2020, our first step was to launch real trading on Thndr with no commission and no account minimums. 

As more investors choose Thndr, we continue to work hard on building a platform that is designed for them. And, we continue to leverage technology to change outdated processes that do not fit in with their lifestyle and habits. 

For a very long time the process to open an investment account has been the same…

Knowing that the intention to invest is time sensitive. Also, knowing that branch visits, and physical forms with signatures are an inconvenience and hindrance. We have been working hand in hand with the technology department of the Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA) for the past six months on a new process. 

This new process uses advanced technology to authenticate our users’ uploaded identification document. It also features a liveness check that ensures that no account can be opened by a bot or any unauthorized individuals. 

Today, with the approval of the FRA, we are excited to pioneer this much quicker and much more seamless way to invest.  

You can now fill in your account opening form and be ready to begin your investment journey in less than 24 hours. 

The new process’s advanced investor verification process, allows us to safely grant Thndr investors a 6 month grace period to sign their agreements. With everyone’s busy schedule, not to mention COVID 19 precautions, booking the time to physically sign account opening agreements is the biggest obstacle to begin investing. With our new process, this is an obstacle that you no longer need to worry about. 

*During the 6 month grace period, users get to book signing sessions at the time that suits them best. A courier will be sent to them with the agreements to sign from the comfort of their home or office. 

The fine print

  • Your investor portfolio cannot exceed 100K EGP prior to signing your agreement 
  • You may not withdraw any funds from your account prior to signing your agreement

We want to thank the FRA for their progressive thinking, continuous efforts to pave the way for financial inclusion.

We are extremely excited to be taking the first steps in shaping the future of what investing will look like in Egypt, and digitalizing the industry. We promise to continue to provide you with diverse investment opportunities, through an app that is designed with you in mind. 

Your friends,

The Thndr Team