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What is investing anyway?

An investment is a way to utilize your cash with the goal of generating future benefit. This future benefit can come in the form of generated income or capital appreciation.

You can invest your money in many different products/vehicles, you can invest in a business, bank certificate, gold or other commodities, currencies and you can invest in the stock market. 

But what is the stock market?

Stocks are the building blocks of a company. When you buy a stock, you own a little piece of this company. Stock prices can change for a lot of reasons, mostly related to the company performance or the macroeconomic outlook. The stock market is basically a bunch of people buying and selling little bits of companies based on how much they think these bits will be worth in the future.

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    What about IPOs?

    You probably heard it in the news “Company X is going public, or company Y IPO was successful”, but what does an IPO or going public mean?

    IPO stands for Initial Public Offering, which is listing the company stocks/shares on the stock market for the first time. Companies list their shares (or go public) for a lot of reasons, 

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    What are the tools you need to identify great stocks?

    Whether you want to pursue investing or trading, you’ll need analytical tools and frameworks to use so you can pick the right investment opportunity. The most well-known tools are

    • Fundamental analysis that is used to analyze and assess the company’s financial health and estimate its future performance.


    • Technical analysis which is used by traders more than investors to analyze the price movements and volume of a certain security and try to predict its price within a short period of time, (mostly in a day, week or month).

    needed for such analysis, We have created a comprehensive investment methodology using a factor based approach that uses both analyses and evaluate companies on multiple criteria both fundamental (carrying most of the weight) and technical factors, you can check our top 10 investment picks. To make your lives simpler, we used our proprietary approach to come up with a Thndr Score for each stock we have on offer.

    If you want someone to do the homework on your behalf, you can invest in a mutual fund where professional investment managers will invest your money on your behalf.


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