Investment Opportunities on Thndr (So far…)
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Investment Opportunities on Thndr (So far…)

Finding investment opportunities that are the right fit for you is essential. Our mission is to empower you with the means to achieve financial freedom. A big part of this is realizing that investment opportunities are not one size fits all. This means working hard to continue to provide our investors with different investment options that suit all the different personalities, risk/return preferences, and levels of involvement out there.

Want to invest in companies you know and love?

There are over 200 Egyptian companies that you can invest in through Thndr—Including household names like Juhayna, Fawry, & CIB. There are two ways you can do this.

Option 1: Research and choose the companies you want to invest in yourself

To help you out we’ll be sending you our Thndr stock top picks every month. Here are our latest picks.

Option 2: Have an expert do the work for you

Invest in the AZ Opportunities mutual fund and get the number one ranked asset manager in Egypt in investing in stocks over the last six years to choose your stocks for you. All you need to do is buy certificates from the app by searching AZO. Learn more about AZ Opportunities.

Want to play it safe? Invest in AZ Savings or Misr Takaful

Leaving your money in the bank always seems like a comfortable option, right? What if we told you that you can double your savings account interest rate with the AZ Savings mutual fund. This fund made around 10% over the past year without having to lock up money in a bank certificate. All you need to do is buy certificates through the app by searching AZS. Learn more about AZ Savings.

Looking for a Sharia-certified fund? Invest in Misr Takaful Fund

A low-risk and highly liquid investment opportunity that has been dubbed Shariah-compliant by an internal committee led by Dr. Ali Gomaa, the former Grand Mufti of Egypt. Learn More about Misr Takaful.

Successful investing is a marathon and not a race. So, practice saving idle cash every month and start your investment journey early.

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