Thndr Top Picks – January 2022👌

January 2022 Thndr Top Picks👌
We’re excited to share with you our January 2022 top picks based on factor investing!

January Top Picks📈

What’s New?🆕

We added news coverage to our monthly top picks analysis.

How does it Work?🤔

Once we come up with our top picks, we scan each companies’ recent news & disclosures for any possible negative effects on the stock’s performance. If we found any, we replace the company with the next best company based on its Thndr score.

So, what’d we find?🧐

  1. Misr Chemical Industries (MICH) was our third-highest top pick (Thndr Score: 3.77), but auditing issues were raised by the auditor of MICH’s Q3-2021 financial statements, which MICH addressed here. 
  2. Speed Medical (SPMD) was our fourth-highest top pick (Thndr Score: 3.67), but the FRA filed two lawsuits against SPMD with the first hearing on January 3rd, 2022.

We removed both stocks from our top picks in light of the recent controversy, although we maintain that each companies’ fundamentals are solid.

Top Picks Additions & Removals🔄

ADIB is our January 2022 top pick with a 4.16 Thndr score, after not being in our December top picks. SAUD is also back in the top ten picks. The exclusion of MICH & SPMD meant the entry of BINV & ABUK. EAST & CIRA stayed put, while other picks saw minor position shuffles, with ORWE dropping to the second top pick, MIPH jumping four spots, & AUTO dropping a couple of spots.


January Bottom Picks📉

7-Month Top Picks Performance

We tracked the performance of the companies that were included in our past seven months’ picks. If you had invested equally in the past seven months’ top picks, you would have made a 12.63% return vs a 16.69% return on the EGX30.

Factor Investing⚡

We believe that long-term investing based on fundamental research is the right thing to do. Yet, we understand that it can be quite overwhelming & time-consuming. 

We decided to develop our own solution that is based on factor investing.

Factor investing is an investment approach that chooses securities based on attributes that are associated with higher returns. This solution should lay the groundwork for your investment decisions homework in a scalable manner.

Summary of Factors used📖
General Factors🏢

Additional Factors for banks🏛️

It is important to note that fundamental factors explain returns over a long investment horizon. Speculative stocks, in contrast, may significantly outperform fundamentally solid stocks in the short term despite the absence of any understandable catalysts.