November 2021 Factor Investing Picks👌

November 2021 Factor Investing Picks👌
We’re excited to share with you our November 2021 factor investing picks!

Top Picks📈


Top Picks Additions & Removals🔄
CIRA dropped to 4th after being our top pick for the past two months. ORWE stayed at second, while ADIB, OLFI, SAUD, & MIPH saw position reshuffles, but all stayed within the Top Ten Picks. November’s top ten picks saw the removal of EKHO & FWRY, & the entry of EAST & AUTO, which is now our top pick! 
Bottom Picks📉

5-Months Factor Investing Performance
We tracked the performance of the companies that were included in our past five months’ picks. If you had invested equally in the past five months’ top picks, you would have made an 11.09% return vs an 11.52% return on the EGX 30.

Summary of Factors used📖
General Factors🏢

Additional Factors for banks🏛️

It is important to note that fundamental factors explain returns over a long investment horizon. Speculative stocks, in contrast, may significantly outperform fundamentally solid stocks in the short term despite the absence of any understandable catalysts.