Thndr Turns One 🎉

This month, Thndr celebrates its one year anniversary since we publicly launched our brokerage services.

A lot of the drivers behind Thndr stem from our own experiences. In my case, I tried to open my very first investment account in Egypt in 2016 and, as a Digital-first millennial that had zero investing background then, I found the process extremely difficult. From the endless paperwork to the numerous branch visits, and unintuitive platforms that assumed you were an expert that needed absolutely no support. Naturally, I found myself hitting countless roadblocks. Fast forward to today, most of the money I made actually came from the investments I made early on and not from my salary. Through Thndr, our goal is to ensure that no one has to go through any of these negative experiences again and that we all have equal opportunity to increase our income.

Through the progressive mindset of the Financial Regulatory Authority and the Egyptian Exchange leadership, the aid of key industry players that believe in our vision, the unwavering support of our investors and, most importantly, the enthusiasm &  valuable feedback of our users, we have been able to achieve so much in so little time.

Below are a few things we are very proud of:

  • Receiving the first and only brokerage license from the Egyptian Financial Regulatory Authority in over a decade 🏆
  • Joining forces with the EGX and MCDR to pioneer commission free stock investing in the MENA region 🥳
  • Launching Azimut Savings – Egypt’s first mutual fund to be fully sustained by non-banking financial institutions 🚀
  • Taking the lead when it comes to financial education through ThndrClaps, Thndr Learn, Podcasts and our very own in-app simulator 🤓
  • Validation of the impact that we are having  
    • 87% of our users are first time investors 🙋🏻‍♀️
    • 40% of our users are based in rural areas 🛣

This past year has been instrumental for us to build the foundations of our tech, get to understand our users’ needs and build trust among the various industry players. While the road ahead is still long, our conviction is sky-high that building a sustainable business with the aim of democratizing access to wealth generating opportunities is the right thing to do.

Here’s a sneak peak of some of the new things that we’re really excited about:

  • Same-day trading on the EGX (we know you have all been very patient on this front) ⚡️
  • Wider funding options that are more accessible and inclusive like Fawry, eWallets and prepaid cards 💳
  • Full digital account opening for access to Egyptian financial products 📱
  • Expanding to other markets and positively representing the Egyptian startup ecosystem 🌍
  • More investment products that suit everyone’s different levels of involvement and preferences 🍱
  • An enhanced platform and underlying infrastructure that is more fitting to our users 💪🏼

We appreciate everyone’s patience and we are thrilled for what’s to come. In the meantime, stay connected with us through our Facebook and Instagram channels and, if you haven’t yet, allow us to share your investing journey by downloading our app ⚡ 


Seif Amr

Co-Founder and COO