Mind the gap

Imagine you just got a new job and you walk into the office. You scan the room and you don’t see yourself or anyone relatable. Naturally, you will start to question if you have what it takes, or if you belong there.

The media portrays investing as a thing for men in suits. The list of the top 30 asset managers in the MENA region has only one woman on it. Your broker or advisor is more than likely going to be a man. Historically, investing has been an almost exclusive club for men.

So, despite studies showing that women are better at managing money than men, and are less likely to get into debt. Women are still not investing. (Source: link)

Source: Thndr Internal Research 

At Thndr we work very hard to promote inclusive investment opportunities and we’re thankful that through technology we were able to open up the market to a whole new wave of investors.

But, we cannot be true to our mission of empowering EVERYONE to start investing and achieve financial freedom without raising awareness about the continued struggle for full gender parity, and take action to effect meaningful change. But, how do we encourage women to capitalize on the huge opportunity that lies within learning the potential benefits of investing?

Let’s go back to walking into that office, now if you saw a few relatable faces here and there, would you feel more confident? I know I definitely would.

So, we reached out to the women who are breaking the norms and already disrupting the investment world as it stands today, and began to share their stories on our social media channels. Real and relatable women who are investing their money to achieve their goals, independence, and financial freedom.

It was both humbling and inspiring to see the opportunity that investing through our app could create for women. 

Luckily, we also caught the eye and support of a few influential women who are also helping us raise awareness, educate, and inspire. 

I believe that together we can disrupt the investment world as it stands today. Will you join us? 

If you are already investing or plan to invest in the near future, share your story with us and your network. Maybe you inspire another strong woman just like you. 

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  • Fill it in as you post it on your Instagram story, and tag us @thndrapp 

We started our journey to democratize investment in the region by removing commissions and account opening minimums. This way investment opportunities can be attainable for everyone, no matter their income level. We continuously focus on education and empowering our users with all the tools they need to make smart investment decisions. Our app offers a seamless experience whether you’re a first time investor or you’ve been doing this for years. Today, we are focusing on women. Help us bridge the investment gender gap that exists right now. 


Your friend, 

Nelly Elewa, Thndr Marketing Lead