Macro Group Set to Become First EGX IPO in 2022

Egypt’s largest manufacturer of medical cosmetics is going public. The IPO, which was previously set to list last year, was postponed due to market conditions. The IPO price is set at EGP 4.85/share, giving the company a market capitalization of EGP 2.8 billion.  Investors can start placing orders starting 24th Jan and until 7th Feb.

Macro Group leads Egypt’s fast-growing cosmeceuticals industry with a market share of 23% recorded in 2020, more than triple the market share of its closest competitor, through its portfolio that consists of 112 products. 

The first IPO on the EGX since E-Finance

E-Finance witnessed strong demand during its IPO, with total retail demand reaching EGP 22B (61x more than the offering size). Shares soared by 50% on their first day of trading on the back of the strong appetite by investors.

First IPO for EFG Hermes since its Fawry IPO in 2019

The IPO is led by EFG Hermes, Egypt’s largest investment bank, executing deals worth more than USD 120B as of 2020. The IPO marks EFG Hermes’s return to the IPO market in Egypt after it led Fawry’s IPO in 2019, which more than tripled in valuation since IPO.

Egypt’s Largest and first cosmeceutical company to go public

Macro Group is the cosmeceuticals industry leader with a market share of 23.1%, more than triple its closest competitor. Macro was able to boast an attractive portfolio with 112 products over seven therapeutic areas.

The major shareholder remains committed

UK-based Kingsway Capital, which has USD 2bn of assets under management, is and will continue to be a majority shareholder, showing strong conviction to the company’s future prospects. 

Your investment is protected for the first 30 days

The shareholders established a stabilization fund that covers 100% of the IPO retail offering. The purpose of the fund is to offer investors the chance to return their shares to the selling shareholder at the same IPO price after 30 days. This means that if the price of the stock falls below the IPO price within the first 30 days, you can sell it back at the same price you bought it for.

Here is how it works:

  • After 30 days, if the price of the stock is below the IPO price you will get an email from us asking you if you want to return your shares back.
  • All you need to do is reply to the email and confirm your order and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Only shares bought during the IPO subscription period are eligible for the stabilization fund.

Macro Group at a Glance

For the first time in Egypt, you can subscribe in IPOs 0% commission using a mobile app

Thndr has rolled out a new IPO access screen that allows its investors to subscribe to IPOs using its mobile app. For the first time in Egypt, you can now subscribe to an IPO using a mobile app without minimums and commission-free. All what you have to do is click on the explore tab, search for Macro and click buy.

Things to avoid doing when there is an IPO

Waiting until the last minute to set up or fund your account

Opening and funding your account early on could save you from missing out on the IPO. Our app has an easy account setup, but we still need to register you with the EGX and complete some paperwork.

Not having a strategy

The best investing strategies increase your returns, minimize your risk and lets you meet your goals. Before you participate in an IPO, you need to know the right strategy that works best for you. 

Not inviting your friends to make money

IPOs are a great chance to make money with no risk so why not share the opportunity with your friends. They would definitely thank you afterwards. Moreover, you can both earn up to EGP 1,000

The Offering details


What’s the difference between the pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical markets?

The Management

Financial Highlights

More Information

  • The “Public Subscription Note”: A tell-all document is required of all companies going public in Egypt and should include all information about the company. It should be required reading for anyone thinking of investing.

E-Finance, Egypt’s first and largest fintech company is expected to go public via the largest IPO on the EGX since 2007. Processing more than EGP 2 Trillion last year, E-Finance is Egypt’s exclusive entity authorized to process and settle government payments and collection transactions. It is going to be the second technology company to list on the EGX. The long-awaited IPO is going to be Egypt’s first IPO as part of the government IPO program that has been postponed several times.

The company announced the price range of the IPO ranging from EGP 12.50 to EGP 13.98, making the valuation somewhere between EGP 22.2 Billion & EGP 24.8 Billion.

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