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Brand refresh blog

New look, who ‘dis?

Since the very beginning, Thndr’s mission has been to make investing accessible and easy for everyone. We do that through a product offering and experience that will always help people get closer to achieving financial freedom. As we grow and reach more people, we realize that our brand identity is an integral part of achieving this mission. We want our look and feel to give the world a clear sense of who we are and what we stand for.

We are taking the first steps in building our brand identity’s foundation, and I am very excited to share with you how it all came about.

Who am I?

To make investing accessible and easy for everyone, in turn we need to reflect certain attributes.

  • We are friendly and approachable (investing with Thndr should never be an intimidating endeavour)
  • We are ambitious and will help you grow your wealth
  • We are trustworthy & credible. We have all the necessary licensing
  • We are smart and we are simple. Thndr is designed to be user friendly (and, financial markets can be too)

Defining our building blocks

Building a brand could be like any structure. We start with our foundation; the building blocks and thread that will hold everything together.

In this particular brand refresh these were our building blocks:

  • Logo
  • Colors
  • Typography
  • Illustration style
  • Iconography style

A logo to reflect our ambition 

Adding an upwards incline feature to our logo giving the impression of a graph going up. Also, representing our outlook of always looking upwards and onwards.

We made some minor spacing details for better legibility in small sizes. Finally, adding some roundness to the edges for a friendlier and more approachable aesthetic.

Colors to reflect our M.O. (modus operandi) 

We originally had started off with a mint/teal kind of green that didn’t contrast well with white backgrounds. This goes against Thndr being approachable, and had to be reworked.

Starting at our core. Yes, Thndr is an investment platform. But, first and foremost—Thndr is a tech company.

While most financial services go for shades of green (green being the color of money) and limited color schemes.

We wanted to make sure that the color we choose truly reflects who we are. Combining green (the color of money) and blue (the color of technology) and accentuating that with a broad color palette that makes us stand out from the crowd.

New typefaces (for your eyes only)

Lalezar, with exaggerated memorable features that are full of personality (not your regular financial service) and a high x-height making it highly readable (approachable and friendly)

Heebo, a friendly minimal variable font with a high x-height for your reading pleasure. Keeping things always simple and clear.

Going the extra mile…

Tajawal made for a highly legible Arabic font with diagonal cuts that compliment our logo upwards incline feature. A font that can reflect our ambition. This worked for body text. But, our headings still needed a bit more character. Unsatisfied with options at hand we decided to make custom changes to Tajawal’s design, curving the edges for a more friendly and approachable feel. And, adjusting the width of some letters for a clearer and simpler aesthetic.

Iconography and Illustration style changes

We want all our brand elements to set us apart. Thndr was designed to make investing easy for everyone. This means a simple, friendly and approachable visual direction. 

You are at the center of all the updates and decisions we make. We hope our visual identity, that better represents who we are—Illustrates that investing can be simple, easy, and exciting. And, inspires you to take the first steps into the future of investing.