Ataa: The charity fund that keeps on giving
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Ataa: The charity fund that keeps on giving

For the first time on Thndr you can invest in a mutual fund with 100% of the returns donated to charity. With the holy month of Ramadan upon us, we realize that there is no better time to give back to those less fortunate.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the addition of a fund designed to do just that—The Ataa Charity fund: The fund that keeps on giving. 

How it works:

All returns from the Ataa Charity fund go towards causes that help people with special needs and disabilities. By investing in the fund, all your returns will be automatically donated to charities that help people with disabilities. By donating through the Ataa fund, this means that your money will continue to work for those in need, forever!

Where do you start?

  • Go to the Explore tab on your Thndr app
  • Search “AZA” and choose the “AZA // Azimut Ataa Charity fund”
  • Tap “Buy” and set the amount of certificates you would like to purchase
    • Each certificate costs EGP 11.54
  • You can buy certificates in the fund weekly

The Ataa Charity fund is the first investment charity fund in Egypt. It is managed by one of the largest investment management companies in Egypt, Azimut Egypt. Azimut is a multinational award-winning asset management company. 

We take pride in expanding access to financial services and opportunities to all. We know finding the right charity and managing your donations could be a hassle, so we’re even more proud to expand this access to charity opportunities.

Ramadan Kareem,
The Thndr Team

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