About Us

We are on a mission to democratize investing in the MENA region.

Everyone has the right to access financial services and grow their wealth. That’s why we leverage technology to offer you a simple investing experience with no barriers, that is centered and built around you.

Our Backstory

The idea of a modern and seamless investment solution was fueled by our founders’ personal struggles trying to open up an investment account and working on the sale of an investment bank back in 2016.

Their vision was to transform the way investing looked like in the region, leveraging technology to affect change and work towards a more modern and inclusive system that works for everyone.


Safety First

Being a fully licensed company means we follow a set of rules that are designed to protect you as an investor. 
  • In August 2020, Thndr received the first brokerage license from the Egyptian Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA) in the last 12 years. 
  • In August 2022, Thndr received its custody license from the FRA.
  Multi-factor authentication technology ensures that only you can access your account.  Last but not least, our support team is always one tap away. 

Financial Empowerment

We know that it doesn’t stop at a fully-licensed, easy to use app. We want to empower you to make financial decisions that make sense and are a good fit for you. 

That’s why we have a learn platform that teaches everything you need to know about money. 

You can subscribe to ThndrClaps for an easy to digest, financial newsletter delivered to your inbox daily. 

We’ve also developed a methodology that identifies Thndr’s Electric Stocks—the top 10 stocks every month. 

Our Story So Far

Today, we are a fully licensed company with over 100 employees that is backed by prominent global and regional investors including Tiger Global, BECO Capital, Prosus Ventures, Endure Capital, 4DX Ventures and others.

87% first time investors

50% outside major cities

Average age <30 years old

Meet Our Team

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James Stone

Creative Director

Ashley Riordan

Art Director

Albert Coleman

Marketing Head

Clemens Steiner

Manager & QC